Cecile’s Scrapbook – Fourth Installment

This is the fourth installment of Cecile’s Scrapbook, the scrapbook of teenager Cecile Clara White.

The page below has quite an assortment of items.  I find it interesting that she saved the postmarks from letters.  Each is designated with initials to indicate the sender. I’m not sure who the initials stand for.  It’s possible V. W. is Cecile’s sister Violet White.  Perhaps Grandmom (Cecile) was off visiting elsewhere and received a letter from her sister.

C W Scrapbook p7

Grandmom (Cecile) apparently was intrigued by Elliott Roosevelt, the president’s son.  I wonder what prompted her to cut that article out.

Below is the content of the envelope addressed to Cecil White on that page.  Cecile played basketball throughout high school.

C W Scrapbook p7 Envelope Content

Below is a photograph of the boys’ basketball team at Dobson High School in 1933.  Lots of common Surry County, NC surnames and likely a few cousins listed there.

C W Scrapbook p8

This is the text of the postcard on the page above.

C W Scrapbook p8 Postcard Text

Dear Sister

Just a card to let you

know I am all O.K. I seen

Miss Jackson and Miss Beady

Saturday at Asheville. I

am not coming home at

the end of the month. I am

going to Johnson City Tenn

Your brother  Jasper

Jasper White was the oldest of Stella and James Abe White.  He was about 17 years old when he wrote this postcard.



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