Cecile’s Scrapbook Fifth Installment

This is the fifth installment in the series Cecile’s Scrapbook, the scrapbook of my grandmother while in her teens.

March 16, 1934 – The Junior-Senior Dinner

This page really speaks for itself.  Taped onto the page is this handmade booklet/program for the Junior-Senior dinner that evening. I have kept the pictures large to make it easier to read the booklet.  If you are a cousin or a Surry County, NC researcher, take a look.  Many names are listed and you just might find your ancestor among them.

C W Scrapbook p9

C W Scrapbook p9 Jr Sr Dinner

C W Scrapbook p9 Jr Sr Dinner b

Cecil White was a high school junior in 1934.  She is the last student listed on the Junior roll below.

C W Scrapbook p9 Jr Sr Dinner c

“Everyone enjoyed the Dinner”

C W Scrapbook p9 Jr Sr Dinner d

Hope you enjoyed  this glimpse into teenage life in 1934!

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