Clara Celebrates By the Numbers

Claras 85th Birthday424        I received this newspaper clipping in the mail recently. (Thanks, Martha and Nancy!)  The clipping dates back to 1952 and most likely appeared in The Charlotte Gazette published in Drake’s Branch, VA. My GG grandmother Clara Holt Haley observed her 85th birthday in 1952. (Clara was living outside Charlotte Courthouse, Charlotte County, Va.)

I’ve seen this article in the past.  A number of copies exist among the family members. I have read the article before, but this time I read it.  Through research and interviews with family members, I know so much more about Clara now than when I first read the article years ago.  This time as I read about Clara, I was struck by the numbers:

*85 birthdays

*Married 62 years

* 10 children

*48 grandchildren

*61 great grandchildren

*Too many great great grandchildren to count!

*40 married years farming on the Clark Estate at Clarkton.

*27 years of farming in Charlotte County.

Clara Haley had a lot to celebrate on her 85th birthday!

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