They Arrived By Christmas Card

Like most of you I received a flurry of Christmas cards during this Christmas season. These days most come with photographs of growing children and/or Christmas letters.  It’s always fun to see how much our friends’ children change each year.

This year there was a first for me.

I received photographs of  some Haley ancestors in a Christmas card.  How fun is that?!  (Thanks, Nancy and Martha!)

Christmas chores forgotten, I begin trying to identify the people in the photographs.

Clara and Will Haley 1938

(Back) ?, ?, Daisy Haley Nichols, ?
(Front) Clara Haley, Will Haley
(Center) Molly Holt Taylor)

This first photo show Clara and Will Haley sitting in the chairs.  The woman behind Clara is Molly (Holt) Taylor of West Virginia. (Molly was identified by Clara’s granddaughter, my grandmother.  She came for a visit with her sister each year.)  Daisy (Haley) Nichols is the woman identified in the back row.  The two women on left in the back row are unidentified.  The man on the back right is difficult to identify due to the mark on the photograph. He is definitely a tall man and appears to be wearing glasses. There is some speculation that it is Clyde Haley, Will and Clara’s son.

Haley Cousins, help me out if you can.

Who are the two younger women on the back left?

Who is the man on the back right?

Willl Haley Family

Will Haley Family
Early 1900’s

This is one of my favorite photographs or I should say cabinet card.  I actually have a faded copy, but this appears to have been one of the originals. You can see by the line across the card that it broken into two pieces.  (My photoshop expert is working on restoring that. Thanks, Dad!) I estimate this photograph was taken between 1900-1902.

This is Will and Clara Haley and five of their children.  I believe these may be the five oldest children: Carrie, Percy, Winnie, Ivy and Daisy. Casting doubt on my identification of the children is their apparent ages in the photo and the birth dates I have for each of them.   The young girl on the far right looks very much like my great grandmother Winnie Haley Carr.  The little girl next to her looks like her younger sister Ivy.  That would make the two girls on the left Carrie and Daisy. Yet I have Winnie (b. 1891) five years older than Daisy (b. 1896).  It appears I need to re-visit the birth dates of these children again.

Don’t you just love the detail in this photograph?  What fancy dolls the girls have.  And did you notice how tiny Clara’s waist is? Look at the gloves one of the girls is wearing.

Haley Cousins – Can anyone identify these children correctly?

Winnie Mattie Carrie

(Back)John Owen, Carrie Haley Owen, Clara Haley
(Front) Mattie Haley Mason, Winnie Haley Carr

This photograph shows Clara Haley (top right) with her daughters  Mattie, Winnie and Carrie as well as son-in-law John Owen.  This side of the family always seemed to be smiling.

So , how was that for an early Christmas present?

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5 comments to They Arrived By Christmas Card

  • Garland Haley

    Lisa, The lady in the top photo above Molly Taylor looks a lot like Eunice Owen wife of Tollie Owen. Next to her could be Virgie Allen daughter of George and Daisy Nichols but not positive. I forwarded link to Mary and Liz maybe they can help.

    Garland Haley

  • LisaL

    Thanks, Garland!

  • Liz foster

    Hi Lisa, we don’t think the man with glasses is Clyde Haley as we can’t recall him wearing glasses. Logically he would be George Nichols…

  • LisaL

    Thanks, Liz and Garland! That makes sense that the man is Clarence, Molly’s son. Grandmom thought the man might be Clyde, but she wasn’t really sure. Obviously Molly and Clara were close, were they close to other Holt siblings?

    I found my mistake with Daisy’s age. I had her birth year as 1896 when it was actually 1886. Now the children in the second photo match the ages and make sense.

    I so appreciate your help in identifying the photos!

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