Teenage Scrapbooker of the 1930’s

Cecile's Scrapbook Cover

Cecile White Howard was 15 years old when she started her scrapbook on Christmas Day 1932,  Cecile was the second oldest child of James Abe White and Stella Holyfield and their oldest daughter.  She grew up among family in Dobson (Surry County), a picturesque town in the foothills of  North Carolina.

This week I completed the scanning of my Grandmother’s scrapbook.  Her scrapbook covers her teenage years 1932-1935.  There are a number of loose letters, postcards and newspaper clippings from later years stuck in the pages as well.  I initially scanned the scrapbook to preserve it, but as I was going through it page by page, I realized  what a source of information on the life of rural NC teenagers.  In truth, I don’t think it is so different from teenagers today.  Sure, there were no computers, cell phones, or internet, but school, getting together with friends and sports were just as important then as today.

Opening Page

Over the next few Fridays (or however, many we need), I will post pages  from Cecile’s scrapbook.  If you are a cousin/descendant, you will treasure the images.  I know I do. If you are a Surry County researcher, you may well find a few of your ancestors in the pages.

Join me each Friday to explore teenage life in the 1930’s.

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