Paper Clips, Bobby Pins and Christmas Ornaments

Perhaps I should entitle this post: How to Hang a Christmas Ornament Without a Hook.

A little background first….My maternal grandmother was Cecile White Howard (1917-1983).  She passed away when I was 18.  Fast forward to 1989 when I had my own apartment and my very first “grown-up” Christmas tree.  My grandfather (Lester Howard) had re-married and I received a call from them asking if I would like to have my grandmother’s Christmas ornaments for my Christmas tree.  Of course, I answered Yes!

I opened the box of ornaments to discover my grandmother’s lovely glass ball ornaments.  I soon discovered my grandmother must have run out of hooks  when began hanging her ornaments.  Not having Target just up the street, she did the next best thing.  She made do with what she had: bobby pins and paper clips.

Today these “make do” hooks continue to hang ornaments on our family  tree. Each December when I unpack these ornaments, I enjoy wonderful memories of my grandmother.

 And really, my grandmother’s hangars have far out lasted those hangars I bought just a few years ago!

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