Oysters at Christmas?

Christmas is rapidly approaching and I’ve been thinking about what I will bake and what I will serve for Christmas dinner.  I expect I’ll do the usual – turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce (homemade, of course!), and the sweet potato casserole my family loves.  Brussel sprouts have made their way into the Christmas menu in the last few years.  The toughest challenge is coordinating everything that needs to go in the oven!

My paternal grandmother reminisced in a recent post about eating turkey, ham and oysters during her childhood Christmases in southern Virginia.


Not my thing really, but it turns out that oysters at Christmas is a family tradition to many.

The tradition of eating oysters during the Christmas holidays goes back to colonial America (at least in Virginia).  During the cold of December, oysters could be imported from the Chesapeake Bay.  They were pan fried, broiled in an oyster pie and used to make oyster stew.

Other areas and populations also incorporated oysters into their Christmas fare.  A quick google search turns up the oyster eating tradition spreads across the US.

Despite the popularity of oysters at Christmas, you won’t find them at my house this year.  You will find chocolate waffles with all the toppings on Christmas morning.


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1 comment to Oysters at Christmas?

  • Growing up in wythe county, va. We always had oysters at Christmas. My grandmother
    Would buy a gallon and fix them fried and as oyster stew. I have eaten oysters in lots
    Of restaurants. Nothing like my grandmother could prepare.

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