Dear Santy Clause,

As I have been transcribing my great grandmother Esther Richardson Talbott’s letters and postcards, I came across this great little letter from 1920 stuck in the stack.  Visit Dearest Esther to read Esther’s correspondence.

The letter is written by Willie Richardson (b. 1909), Esther’s younger brother.  Willie would have been 11 years old.  Willie is writing to Santa Clause and to his four year old nephew Crafton Talbott. (Crafton Talbott was the son of Bossy and Esther Richardson Talbott.)


Buffalo Junction Va



Dear san clause   please bring me a cap

pistle and some caps and

some pop crackers and

and a car that can wind

up and it will run and a

little candy and red apple

and two oranges.


Dear crafton

            What are you

doing now staying in

the house  by the bire I

guess that letter I sent to

santy clause you cary

it over to Boston

rite to santy clause

and tell him what you want

and send it down here and

I cary it to buffalo and give

it to old santy. 

come down and help ____

hogs we got three pretty hogs

we are al most threw stripping

tobacco I are almost over with

the hopping coff tell Ruth that I caught a ribbit saturday

friday monday and [not]

any sence ask boss how

many have he caught are you

got any boxes setting now

moma and norman and

Elwood and Katie are getting on

fine. good night Willie

Deciphering Willie’s spelling and grammar reveals a little boy making sure Santy Clause knows what he wants for Christmas! He wants to Crafton to take his requests to the Santa Clause in Boston [i.e. South Boston].  Then he will take Crafton’s requests to the Santa Clause in Buffalo Junction!  I wonder if Willie got everything he wanted.

The other names mentioned in the letter are Willie’s moma (Harriet Elliott Richardson), Willie’s brothers Norman and Elwood and Willie’s sister Katie and Willie’s brother-in-law Boss [Talbott].

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