12 Questions I Would Ask My Ancestors

December 12, 2012  

I almost missed the 12/12/12  significance until I came across this great post at Leaves for Trees.   Heather wrote about 12 ancestors she would like to meet, 12 questions she would like to ask and 12 things she would like to tell.  What a fun concept for today.

Leaves For Trees got to thinking about what 12 questions I would ask my relatives and my ancestors if I had had the chance.

  1. Who were your parents?
  2. Who were your grandparents?
  3. What were the full names of your children?
  4. Did you have a nickname?
  5. Who were your best friends?
  6. Why did you stay on the family farm? or Why did you move so far from your family?
  7. Do you have any photographs of yourself and family? (Are they labeled?)
  8. What invention of your time had the most impact on your life?
  9. What did you do for fun?
  10. What was education was available for you?
  11. What was your favorite memory?
  12. What were the family traditions passed down through the generations? Did you pass them on as well?
There you have twelve questions I would like to ask my relatives and ancestors. At least the first 12!  I suppose each time I delve into the genealogy records or read the old postcards of my great grandmother, I am in a sense, asking these questions.  Some of the answers are just easier to decipher than others.


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