She Was A SouthPaw

Southpaw – a left handed person. (source)

I was sorting photographs recently and came across this photograph of Esther Richardson Talbott (left) and her friend Nannie Lee Farson Milam (right).  Esther’s mother Hattie is in the center. I have seen this photograph before.  I’ve even posted it on the blog before.

This time when I looked at it, I noticed something I had not before.

Look closely.

Wonder What They Are Writing?

Esther was left handed!  Who knew?  Having read Esther’s handwriting in the past, I had not picked up that it was written by a lefty.  Usually a left handed writer has a distinctive quality about their penmanship.

While this is not a major genealogical find, it is another interesting piece of information about my great grandmother.

The exact date of this photograph is not known but would be between 1919 and Dec 1922. Nannie Lee has a wedding band on her left ring finger.  She was married in March of 1919.

Cousins, help me out.

Are there any other left handed family members?  I am not aware of any on our side.

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3 comments to She Was A SouthPaw

  • Nancy Teachey

    I noticed that Esther was left handed years ago. Michael is left handed and,like Esther,there is nothing about his writing that indicates that he is left handed. I don’t know of any other family members that are left handed. Since Hattie is holding the stick with her left hand, I wonder if she wrote left handed also.

  • LisaL

    Thanks, Nancy! I hadn’t considered Hattie might have been left handed, too. I’m going back through her photographs and see if there’s any indication.

  • Garland Haley

    Lisa, The oldest Haley cousin Ralph is left handed. Happy Thanksgiving

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