Christmas Memories

One of the great things about pursuing my family history has been interviewing the older generations on both sides of my family.  I am fortunate to have interviewed my grandmother on several occasions. (I look forward to more interviews in the future.)

From an interview a couple of years ago, I recently came across some of my grandmother’s earliest Christmas memories.  With Christmas fast approaching I thought I would share some of her memories.

Grandmom’s memories are associated around her grandparents Will and Clara (Holt) Haley and their children/grandchildren.

Grandmom remembers:

  • Will Haley (Grandpa Haley) got all the girls pocketbooks and handkerchiefs with lace.  She thinks the boys got knives – maybe a pocketknife.
  • The only decorations came from the woods.  Grandma Haley decorated with holly.
  • If it snowed around Christmas, “they loved it.”  (I think “they” refers to the children.) Grandmom went on to say that some loved the snow and some did not.  I’m guessing working on a farm when snow is on the ground makes the chores more difficult.
  • On Christmas day, “pop-crackers” were popular.  Apparently a pop-cracker is like a small firework.  Grandmom remembered sparklers for the children at one point.
  • As for food on Christmas, ham, turkey and oysters present.
  • As always when remembering Haley family events, Grandmom remembers the music and the dancing.

Cousins, chime in!

What are your Christmas memories?



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