The Fishing Bobber On My Desk

Is it unusual to keep a fishing bobber on one’s office desk?

Well, I suppose it is, but it actually has something to do my family history.

You see, my grandfather Lester Howard loved to fish. He also loved to teach his grandchildren and great grandchildren how to fish. We learned to fish using cane poles, live worms and little red and white bobbers.  After putting the hook with the squiggly worm on it in the water, the bobber floated along the top of the water. (Yes, I did bait my own hooks!)

We watched that bobber.  If the bobber was pulled under the water, we knew there was a fish on the line.  Excitement would ensue and we’d pull that fish in.

So, the bobber on my desk reminds me of my grandfather.  It also serves as a reminder to me to search out the stories behind the “everyday” facts and artifacts I find on my ancestors’ lives. It’s their stories that intrigue me most.  I don’t want to lose sight of that as I go after the facts of their lives.

So, is the bobber on my desk unusual?  To most people, yes, but I think Granddaddy would approve.


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