Searching For Ancestors in Boydton, VA

I do love researching my ancestors in county courthouses.  This week I got to spend time in the Mecklenburg County, VA courthouse in Boydton, VA.

Mecklenburg County Courthouse

A beautiful drive up through rural NC and VA led me to the historic town of Boydton, VA.  Inside the records room is very modern. The people were friendly and helpful in getting me started in my research.  On this particular trip, I was focusing on King Elliott (my GGGG grandfather) and Cagebeth White. In theory Cagebeth White is my GGGGG grandfather. (My paternal Elliott and maternal White lines are not connected.  At least not yet. They both just happen to have been in Mecklenburg County, VA.) More on Cagebeth and King in future posts.

Meet my researcher partner for the day: My newly found cousin Cynthia!

Meeting in person for the first time

Cynthia and I met online while researching our Elliott family line.  Her grandmother Cynthia Elliott Barnett and my GG grandmother Harriet Elliott Richardson were sisters. Over the past few months, Cynthia’s information has helped me make sense and understand people and places mentioned in my great-grandmother’s Esther Talbott’s letters.  The Elliott family shared close relationships.

After researching in the courthouse records, Cynthia headed over to the town library and discovered  it had its very own genealogy section.  While there, we explored heritage books for Mecklenburg County and the surrounding counties of Halifax and Lunenburg.

Boydton, VA Library

Researching in county courthouses remains one of my favorite ways to research.  Researching in local libraries runs a close second.  Perhaps more than the actual records, it is the people I meet when researching at these venues that is such a big draw for me.  Without exception, each time I research in a county courthouse, I meet other researchers and locals who generously share their knowledge of the area.  They are the sources you will not find online.

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