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For quite some time now I and another researcher (Hi, Jack!) have been researching our White family ancestors.  As you can imagine, researching men with the surname of  White in NC and VA is a bit daunting.  Needless to say, Cajabeth White has proven to be the “brick wall” in the White family line. I have not written extensively about my White family research on my blog, but they have figured prominently in my research time over the past year.

First a little background review:

My great grandfather was James Abe White (1891-1967) of Surry County, NC. He was the son of Thomas Jefferson White (1851-1922). The line from there goes back through Joseph P. White >John White>Cajabeth White.

Once Cajabeth (Cagebeth) White entered the family line, I was rather excited.  Here was a man with a very unusual name. That should make him easier to track through the records.  Various spellings of his name included Cagebeth, Kedgebeth, Kajabeth, and Cajabeth. Despite the various spellings, Cajabeth was easy to identify in records such as tax lists, deeds, his own will, and court records.  He was closely associated with the Bush and Seagraves families of Warren and Granville Counties.

Cajabeth spent most of his life in Bute/Warren County, NC. (Warren and Franklin Counties, NC were formed from Bute County in 1779.  Bute County no longer existed after 1779.)  The earliest reference found to Cagebeth White is in a  1766 Bute County tax list.  In 1775 Cajabeth was deeded land  on Six Pound Creek from Jeremiah and Sarah Bush.    This places Cajabeth very close to the NC/VA border with Mecklenburg County, VA being the neighboring county. In 1794 and 1795, Cajabeth appeared in the Mecklenburg County court records.  (He was one of my research interests on my recent trip to the Mecklenburg County courthouse.) In the fall of 1795, Cajabeth bought property in Rockingham County, VA where he later died approximately 1798.

A lot of information has been found on Cagebeth White.

Finding Cajabeth’s parents has proven very difficult and continues to be the “brick wall” in the White family line.  He had a brother named William, but that is all that is known of his birth family.

As frustrating as the search for Cagebeth’s parents is sometimes, I am a better researcher because of him.  Perhaps that’s the point of  our “brick wall” ancestors.

*If you are a White family researcher  (or a Bush family or Seagraves family) and have any information on Cagebeth, please leave a comment.

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