Bumper Crop of Fun!

North Carolina was and continues to be an agricultural state.  This is certainly in evidence at the NC Sate Fair 2012.  The NC State Fair was originally started to showcase the States’s agriculture and as a way for farmers to gather to showcase their crops/livestock and see the latest in farming equipment.

I have been going to the state fair since  I was a little girl.

The best thing about it?

Some things never change.

I can still guess how many pickles are in the pickle jar.  (My husband was one of the winners last year!)

House Autry still gives out samples of hushpuppies.


The Methodist church still sells ham biscuits.

The new craze in the past few years?
Deep Fried Anything!  Kool-aid, Snickers bars, cheesecake….You name it and I think someone will deep fry it. (Remember, this is the South.) I seriously doubt these “delicacies”  were part of NC’s early agriculture fairs.
Have you ever tried a deep fried oreo?
 Let’s just say I’ll stick with regular oreos.
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