Jonah Graduates Junior High

I found this graduation announcement tucked in among various letters and postcards of my great grandmother Esther Richardson Talbott.
Having recently connected with an Elliott cousin, I discovered that Esther and her mother Harriet Elliott Richardson interacted frequently with the Elliott side of the family.  I have also been gaining a new understanding and perspective of the people and places mentioned in the Esther and Harriett’s letters.
Here is one such example:
Jonah Elliott was the son of Elias Elie Elliott and Novella King Owen. He was born in 1904 and in 1922 he celebrated his graduation from Buffalo Springs Junior High School. 
Graduation invitations have not changed much since 1922.  They still consist of a printed invitation with a signature card.  Jonah’s signature card is a thin piece of paper.  I would like to think that this is Jonah’s original signature – something all genealogists and family historians seek out.  
Likely (hopefully!) it is Jonah’s signature.
But I’m a mom of teenagers.  
I cannot imagine that 18 year boys liked sitting down to fill out invitations anymore then than now.  Jonah’s signature might be his mother Novella’s handwriting.

What do you think?

Jonah’s handwriting or his mother’s?

I love the size of the Jonah’s graduation class!  Six!  No room to hide from the teacher here.

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