Cousins To The Rescue!

Anita Talbott, Betty Compton, Kathleen Owen, Nancy Talbott, Edna Adams, Daisy Nichols, Dorothy Haley,Eunice Owen, Winnie Carr, Mattie Mason and Carrie Owen
My Haley cousins have come to the rescue to help identify all the women in this photograph taken at a Haley family reunion.  The date is estimated to be about 1946.  This date is based on other photographs that were take the same day and also, the age of the little girl in the picture.
Researchers and cousins, here is a list of how each woman fits into the William and Clara Haley family of Charlotte County, VA.
  • Anita Talbott – daughter of Winnie Haley Carr; granddaughter of Will and Clara Haley
  • Betty Compton – daughter of Mattie Mason; granddaughter of Will and Clara Haley
  • Kathleen Owen – Burton Owen’s wife; daughter-in-law to Carrie Haley Owen
  • Edna Adams – mother of Dorothy Adams Haley
  • Nancy Talbott – daughter of Anita Talbott
  • Daisy Nichols – daughter of Will and Clara Haley
  • Dorothy Haley – wife of Clyde Haley
  • Eunice Owen – wife of Tollie Owen
  • Winnie Carr – daughter of Will and Clara Haley
  • Carrie Owen – daughter of Will and Clara Haley
It is great to have everyone identified!

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