Where Jesse Is Not…..

In my continued quest to learn more about my Haley family line, I have been focusing on my GGGG grandfather Jesse Haley’s (1803-1869) “missing years”. That would be the years between 1827-1835.  I am hoping to find a clue that will lead me to the identity of his parents.  I originally posted about Jesse’s missing years here.

Off to the library I went this morning.  I had a date with 2 roles of microfilm and the #2 microfilm reader. (It’s my favorite.)  After reviewing the Charlotte County, VA tax lists for these years I can now say Jesse was not in Charlotte County during these years.

While a bit disappointing to not find Jesse, I did not really expect him to in Charlotte County.  While there are certainly a number of Haleys (Haileys) in Charlotte County, I have not found any evidence that Jesse lived there.  He lived close. He was likely related to these Haleys.  He just does not appear in the Charlotte County records.

So, the search continues…..

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