Courthouse Research

I did something this past week that I have not done in my genealogical research yet.  I did on site courthouse research at the Halifax County, VA courthouse.  Oh, my!  This was one of the most valuable experiences in my research and personal genealogical education as of date.  I entered this historic structure (dating back to 1832) complete with “wavy” glass and walked into a room filled record books just waiting to be opened.

On Thursdays and Fridays, there is a gentleman there to assist those in their genealogy research.  He was a wealth of information and his assistance in finding the documents I needed was invaluable.  Like many researchers, I have done a lot of my research online.  I have also utilized the FHL microfilm as well as microfilm from the Library of Virginia.  Being able to search and the original documents and follow up on leads while the thought process was still fresh in my mind was not only fruitful, but thrilling as well.

This research trip primarily focused on my Haley family line.  I found lots of clues, but still no answer to who the father of Jesse Haley was.  Sometimes, what you do not find in the records is just as important as what you do find.  My research in Halifax County is leading me to Charlotte County, VA (not a surprising result, actually).  The helpful gentleman at the Halifax courthouse also assists researchers at the Charlotte courthouse.   I’m pulling out the calendar……    

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