You Did Not Cuss Around My Grandma Carr

My great-grandmother Winnie Haley Carr was a devote Episcopalian. According to my grandmother, one did not cuss or say anything that might resemble a cuss word around her. So, her husband Baker Carr was often heard to say “Ding-it-all-to-grass!” in place of “darn” (or something else!).

This brought all kinds of laughter and giggles around the room and especially to the younger generations when my grandmother shared this.

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1 comment to You Did Not Cuss Around My Grandma Carr

  • dd

    That’s so funny! He certainly was creative! Dag-nab-it and such was often used with the elderly church goers, but “Ding-it-to-all-grass”, well that’s a blast!

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